About the department


The general public places a high value on health and therefore demands access to high quality healthcare as a guaranteed right. In response to this, PAMO University of Medical Sciences has set up a Department of Nursing Science that would produce the highly needed qualified nursing manpower to meet the health needs of the populace irrespective of age, gender, race or creed. Technological advancement and innovation, information communication technology (computerization), and the complexities of today’s client require radical change in nursing knowledge, attitude and skill. The Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Science programme therefore offers general and professional education for nurses.


The curriculum is designed to prepare the nurse to think effectively, to communicate thoughts and make judgments and discriminate among values. The Nursing Science programme of PAMO University of Medical Sciences is anchored on a strong theoretical foundation of liberal and professional education leading to a Bachelors degree and providing the basis for clinical skills development and evidence – based practice with commitment to lifetime continuing professional development. A graduate Nurse of PAMO should understand the psychosocial, physical and emotional factors involved in the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health and translate these factors into health needs of clients in variety of settings. The programme is therefore designed to produce Nurse Practitioners who can function effectively within the health care delivery system of the nation and globally.


The pioneer students were admitted into the institution   in 2017/2018 session. There are four lecturers on ground and one clinical instructor. Academic work has since commenced in earnest. Advisory visit by the Nursing & Midwifery Council of Nigeria has been noted. The university management is working hard towards the achievement ‘excellence for the good of all’ in line with her motto.